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The Benny Gambaiani Public Library Board of Trustees now adopts the following rules and regulations which shall govern the general personnel policies of all full time and regular part time employees of the Library. Temporary personnel (any person who is hired to fill in when the Director or Assistant Librarian is unable to work) shall not receive benefits.


The Library will be closed for the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. When the holiday falls on a Monday, Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Library will be closed the Saturday before.  It will also be closed on Saturday if a "swing holiday", Christmas, New Year's Day, and Independence Day, fall on a Monday.

The Library will be closed Friday and Saturday of the Thanksgiving week-end.  The employee scheduled to work will receive the holiday pay for the days closed.



Books and magazines may be borrowed for a period of two (2) weeks with a two (2) week renewal period unless reserved for another patron. Arrangements may be made with the Librarian for books or magazines that are being used as research for school projects unless reserved for another patron or the entire class is working on the same project. It is up to the discretion of the Librarian as to limiting the number of books and/or magazines that may be checked out by one person, a shorter borrowing period, or restricted to use in the Library.


Books in the Reference Sections may not be taken from the Library.

Revised December 16, 2002



Video cassettes and DVDs may be checked out by any Library patron who has a valid Library card. In order for all patrons to have the same opportunity to borrow video cassettes, we must enforce the following:

All video cassettes and DVD's will be due before closing time 2 days following check-out. Overdue videos will be charged $1.00 per day per video. Videos and DVD’s MUST be returned to this Library, and may not be returned to another library for bag delivery. Fines will be charged as usual if video is returned in the bag or in the mail from another library.


All audio material owned by the Library will be checked out on the same basis as books.

Reviewed and Revised December 16, 2002



The Library Bill of Rights and seven statements of the Freedom to Read Proposition are adopted as guidelines for Library practice.


The selection of all Library materials shall be regarded as the function of the Library Director.

The Library Director shall develop/adopt and administer collection policies to build an up-to-date collection.

The Library Director shall develop procedures for selection, acquisition, maintenance and weeding of materials and equipment.


The Library Director has the ability to know the industries and suppliers from which libraries acquire materials, equipment, supplies, and services.

The Library Director shall establish and apply effective management procedures for ordering, receiving orders, and dealing with problems.


The Library Director should take advantage of the opinions and judgment of others, notable reputable reviewing sources such as Booklist, Library Journal, Wilson’s Library Bulletin, etc.

Gift books and other materials should be evaluated and accepted using the same criteria as used for purchasing. If gift materials are accepted, they will be treated as all other Library materials during the weeding of the collection.

Religious material purchased or accepted as gifts must be of a general nature.

Materials used for proselytizing is not suitable for the Library’s collection. Requests or recommendations by patrons are accepted for consideration. Acceptance of such a request or recommendation does not mean the Library is obliged to purchase this item(s).

While the Library is sympathetic to the needs of students, it is not the primary responsibility to provide curriculum center material; however, the Library will provide

supplemental materials and obtain through Interlibrary Loan materials not readily available in the Library.

Addition of materials to the Library’s collection in no way represents an endorsement of theory, idea, or policy contained therein.

Signed complaints on books or other materials will be discussed the next regular Board of Trustees meeting, and the complainant will be notified of the decision.

VHS cassettes and DVD’s to be loaned will be purchased on the same criteria as books.

Reviewed and Revised Aug. 15, 2005


Book weeding is an important aspect of collection development. When Library books lose the value for which they were originally selected, they should be weeded so that the collection remains vital and useful. The weeding of books is based on the following guidelines:

To remove physically worn or damaged volumes from the collection.

To eliminate books containing obsolete information.

To remove duplicate copies of titles which have waned in popularity, eliminating those most physically damaged or worn.

Literary merit.

Needs and interests of the community.

Provisions of adequate coverage in the field.

Usefulness of a particular edition.

Reviewed December 16, 2002


1.The photocopy machine is provided as a service and convenience to the public, as well as the Library.

2. The cost and quantity of copies shall be as follows:

Fifteen cents ($.15) per copy for black and white, fifty cents ($.50) for color, and one dollar ($1.00) for photos.

The first twenty-five (25) copies shall be free to local churches and organizations providing paper.

3. The Library will do its share in providing free copies to other city departments when multiple copies are needed for city wide functions in which the Library is participating.

4. Free copies to students providing paper or a copy from material to be used as homework assignments due to the limited amount of material and the number of students needing the same material will be at the discretion of the Library staff.

5. The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions and copyrighted material. The person requesting this material be photocopied is liable for any infringement.

6. The photocopy machine shall be operated by the Library staff, the Board of Trustees, the City Clerk, and person approved by the Librarian in charge who have knowledge of the equipment operation.

Reviewed December 16, 2002


There will be no charge for normal operation of the Fax machine in performing standard library activities in fulfillment of patrons request. This includes reference and interlibrary loan transaction proceedings. Normal use is considered to be up to 10 sheets of paper being transmitted or received. Should additional sheets be required, the patrons will be charged $1.00 per page.

The FAX machine will be available for receipt and transmission in non-library application when not being used for library business. The following rate chart will apply:



Transmitting -

1st page..................................$1.00

Each additional page...............$ .50


(Not to include ships at sea or aircraft--special handling required--cost of phone calls to be considered.)

Transmitting -

Patron will sign a form agreeing to pay the costs listed on the library phone bill.


The FAX machine is available for sending all open library hours or upon special request of staff to send a FAX

The FAX machine will receive messages 24 hours a day.

The FAX machine will be in a receive mode all hours except when the telephone is in use. The FAX machine will be left on during the hours when the library is closed.

Adopted October 18, 1999

Revised June 19, 2000

Reviewed December 16, 2002



1. Types of Meetings. The Benny Gambaiani Public Library provides a meeting room called the Clyde and Clarice Pettijohn Meeting Room, for use by the public for meetings or programs appropriate to the physical facilities and compatible with the Library’s Mission Statement and plan for services. There will be NO bazaars or rummage sales.

2. Reservation & Responsibility Form. A Reservation and Responsibility Form must be signed by a responsible adult before any meeting takes place in the meeting room.

3. Capacity. The capacity of the Library Meeting Room is approximately 25 people.

Disclaimer. The fact that an individual or a group presents a meeting or program at the library does not mean that the library endorses that policy or belief.

4. Refreshments. Light refreshments may be served. Potluck or catered meals will not be permitted.

5. Equipment. TV/VCR is available. Furniture, especially large conference table, should not be moved.

6. Hours. The meeting room is available during hours the Library is normally staffed.

Arrangements can be made to use the meeting room when the Library is not normally staffed. Persons attending meetings when the Library is not staffed shall remain in the meeting room.

7. Charges. There will be no charge for meeting room use to civic and non-profit organizations. Private groups, such as anniversaries, receptions, etc., and sales parties such as fashion and jewelry, make-up, Stanley, Tupperware, baskets, etc., will be charged at $25 fee.

8. Cleaning Charges. The Library reserves the right to assess a charge for cleaning the meeting room used by a particular individual or group. The room must be cleaned and trash placed in appropriate containers. The individual who signs the reservation form will be responsible for the charges if the room is not cleaned. For private groups, a $10 deposit will be assessed.

9. Use Frequency. The Library reserves the right to limit use by any one individual, group, agency, or organizations in order to encourage the broadest possible use of the rooms.

10. Series. A series may be scheduled if demand permits. Library programming takes precedence.

11. Children’s and Youth Groups. Children’s groups or youth groups may ask to present meetings or programs if constant on-site supervision of the participants will be provided by an adult. For this purpose, "adult" means a person with legal capacity to assume contract responsibilities (generally a person 21 years of age or older.)

12. Alcohol, Controlled Substances. No alcohol or controlled substances may be possessed or consumed on the premises.

13. Smoking. The Library is a smoke free building. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building.

14. Storage. The Library cannot offer storage for groups using the meeting rooms.

Temporary storage must be approved by the Director.

15. SignageMaterials may not be fastened to the walls.

16. Supplies. No supplies of any kind are provided by the Library.

17. Responsibility. The person who signs the reservation form shall be held responsible for problems or costs resulting from the specified use.

18. Americans With Disabilities Act. Use of any Library meeting space must be in compliance with the ADA. This means the presenter must provide qualified interpreters or auxiliary aids, if requested. The cost of such reasonable accommodation is the responsibility of the user.

19. Policy Changes. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to change meeting room policies at any time without notice.

Reviewed December 16, 2002


Donations to the library will be accepted and recognized as follows:

$10,000.00 or more - Donator’s Preference

$5,000.00 to $9,999.99 - Bronze Plaque

$3,000.00 to $4,999.99 - Plate on Benefactor Plaque

$1,000.00 to $2,999.99 - Plate on Major Contributor Plaque

Up to $999.99 - Listed in Commemorative Book

Total donations must be in a one year time period, and recognition will be at the Library Board’s discretion.

Reviewed December 16, 2002


The Library is an essential city service that citizens depend upon. When possible, the Library will remain open during winter storms to provide information services to the public. During winter storm advisories, the Library Director will monitor weather conditions and will close the Library if weather becomes too severe.

Library closing will be reported to the local media on KWAY radio station (Waverly) and KWWL-TV (Waterloo).

Reviewed December 16, 2002


The Library hours will be as follows:

Monday - noon - 5 p.m.

Tuesday - noon - 8 p.m.

Wednesday - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Thursday - noon - 8 p.m.

Friday - noon - 5 p.m.

Saturday - 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Adopted May 20, 2002

Reviewed December 16, 2002

Reviewed & Revised March 17, 2003

Reviewed & Revised April 21, 2003

Revised October 18, 2004

Revised November 21, 2005


Cell phones brought into the library must be set to a non-audible ring setting. (vibrate)

OR must be turned off.

Incoming Calls -

Individuals answering the cell phone must do so promptly and quietly and move outside to talk.

Outgoing Calls -

Go outside to make a call.

Failure to comply with these common courtesy rules will result in :

First time - Warning from staff, including copy of this policy.

Second time - loss of library privileges for day

Third time - loss of library use for month

THEREAFTER Library privileges will be terminated.

Adopted: October 18, 2004


Who May Use the Library

1. Free library service is available to any person using the Benny Gambaiani Public Library. Both residents and nonresidents of Shell Rock are eligible for a library card without charge. Persons confined to their homes or institutions because of physical, mental, or emotional limitations are entitled to personalized or mail delivery service.

2. The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause. Library privileges may be revoked at the discretion of any member of the Library staff. Such cause may be failure to return books, pay penalties, or the destruction or abuse of library property.

3. Check out will be limited to two (2) videos or DVDs and/or three (3) books, or at the staff’s discretion.

4. New patrons will be required to show an ID when applying for a new card to document personal information.

5. In addition, the following practices are not allowed: smoking, use of food or beverages in the library, running, leaving children unattended, disruptive or threatening behavior, use of nonpublic areas, harassment of the staff, or failure to comply with the Library policies.

Adopted 11-22-04

Reviewed and Revised 6-20-05


1. Only those persons with the knowledge of operating computers will be allowed to use them.  The Library staff will not train patrons to use the computer other than turning the machine on/off and how to use the printer.

2. Patrons must first check with the Library staff on duty before using the computer.  Priority for computer use is homework or business by adult patrons.  There is no fee for use of the computer.  Patrons will be allowed computer use, whether on a reserved or walk-in basis, in chronological order in which requests are received.  It is not necessary to reserve time in advance in order to use the computer.  In other words, if the computer is not in use at a given time, a walk-in patron may use it.

3. Computer time may be reserved in advance by calling or visiting the Library and placing one's name on the reserve schedule.  The maximum length of computer time a person may reserve in one block is two hours.  Reserve requests will not be taken more than one week in advance.  If a patron fails to show by ten minutes after the beginning of his/her scheduled reserve time, the reservation will be considered as forfeited and others may be allowed to use the computer.

4. Reserve time will be set up in one hour blocks with a maximum reserve being two hours.  Computer and internet games will be limited to one hour per day per patron.

5. Patrons must provide their own blank disks or CDs.  Color printing will be $.50 per sheet, and black and white $.15 per sheet.

6. Only one copy of your program may be printed by the computer printer.  If you need multiple copies, the staff will make photocopies for you at $.15 per sheet.

7. There is no age limit for computer users; however, users unable to read must be accompanied by an adult or other qualified user.

8. The computer is intended for general education.  Research and homework will take priority over recreational use.

9. Misconduct will not be tolerated.  Your time will be immediately forfeited, and you will lose the recreational use.

10.  You may be asked to leave the Library if you are bothering anyone using the computer.

11. All patrons must be in good standing with the Library to use the computers.

12. Absolutely no food or beverage near the computers.

13. The Library reserves the right to manage computer usage.

14. All Library patrons will be expected to comply with internet and computer policies.

15. Computer usage may be monitored by Library staff.  Persons over the age of 17 may request not to be monitored, but they will be expected to comply with the Library policies.

Adopted April 20, 1992

Reviewed April 18, 1994

Reviewed Nov. 19, 1996

Reviewed and Revised Oct. 18, 1999

Reviewed and Revised Jan. 17, 2000

Reviewed and Revised Dec. 16, 2002




ALL patrons under the age of seventeen (17) MUST have a signed Parental/Guardian permission form on file with the Library.

The Library internet connection is an additional resource service the Library offers to its patrons. The primary intent is as an extension of the Library research materials.

Research on the internet can be a time consuming task. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many patrons as possible.

In accordance with the above policies, the following guidelines are established:

1. All internet usage will be logged with the librarian on duty.

2. Research projects will be given priority if a conflict arises. Due to the large number of potential users, time usage will normally be limited to one hour. The librarian should be advised if more time is necessary. She will make the final determination of usage.

3. Pornography and x-rated sites are NOT acceptable usage in the Library.

4. Internet usage may be monitored by the Library staff. Persons over the age of 17 may request not to be monitored, but they will be expected to comply with the Library policies.

5. Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines may result in the following:

First Offense - Warning

Second Offense - Loss of privileges until a conference with the Library Director, City Attorney, Police Officer, and, if a minor, parent or guardian.

Third Offense - Permanent suspension from Library internet usage

The Library reserves the right to impose other or additional consequences for any violation of Library policies.

Any questions or complaints concerning the above policies and/or guidelines should be directed to the Library Director, or, if the problem involves the Library Director, the Library Board of Trustees.

Reviewed and Revised June 20, 2005

Policy Subject to Revision

The Library's "Policy on Public Use of the Internet" may be revised from time to time.

A complete and current copy of library policies may be obtained from the checkout desk.