Benny Gambaiani

   Public Library

  City Of Shell Rock Public Library

      104 S.Cherry Street






Deb Nieman (first photo)


A local horse lover, and back in town where her husband grew up. Deb has recently recieved a degree in photography, and is a great addition to the town and library staff. She loves to read stories about Native American history, and is often tempted by books that have stories with bears or other wild northern creatures. Stop by and say hello to our new Director!


Victoria Litwiller (second photo)

Assistant Director

A young author to say the least.. Victoria has already written a play and is currently working on a fantasy novel with a friend. With an English degree, she has aspired to work at a library, and feels grateful to be working here at the Shell Rock Library. Great with kids, and mulipurpose work, we are glad to have her a part of the trifecta staff!

Nellie Kaus (third photo)

Associate Librarian

A local vegetable farmer with her husband, and a lover of sharing information and resources. Nellie enjoys working with kids and teaching day to day skills. She is glad to be contributing to the Library, and coming up with fun activities for the twon to enjoy.




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